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Logistics provides value added logistics services activities to a wide range of organizations in the manufacturing and service sectors.

These activities include: 

  • Flexible warehouse and production space
  • Flexible direct labor
  • Repair and rework Product inspection and screening
  • Detrash and waste disposal

Assembly and Kitting 

Partners In Logistics adds value by carrying out pre-production assembly, part kitting, part labelling, part rework, quality screening, product detrash, order assembly and dispatch.

By using the latest tools in inventory management technology, Partners In Logistics has full control over everything stored in, received by and distributed from its warehouses at all times.

Our inventory management activities include: 

  • Receipt and storage of stock
  • Pallet and part control
  • Cycle counting weekly stock reports
  • Pick and deliver to requirements
An important focus area of Partners In Logistics is providing solutions for activities that our customers engage in but consider non-core.

We can shoulder the following activities: 

  • Planning, design and implementation of new projects
  • Assessment of improvement opportunities
  • Total ownership of short-term, once-off projects
  • Added value in terms of quality and cost
Partners In Logistics also engages in providing transport solutions for our customers, whatever their needs.

We have freight accounts and relationships with all major national and international freight forwarders to cover both long-haul and short-haul journeys – air, sea and road.

We are flexible enough to provide individual transport solutions tailored to suit your particular requirements.

Logistics maintains partnerships with several companies worldwide. Suppliers to these companies stock their material with Partners In Logistics. We then provide the important service of delivering suppliers’ parts to their customers’ clients as required.

Benefits to manufacturing companies include:

  • Minimized inventory
  • Reduced space requirements
  • Reduced labor requirements
  • Reduced risk of stock-outs and obsolescence
  • Reduced delivery times
Partners In Logistics are specialists in providing supply chain solutions. We know how to deliver cost savings and competitive advantages to our clients.

We engage in:

  • Vendor hubbing
  • Pre-production preparation
  • Sub-assembly

Point-of-Use Delivery

Some customers may need to have Kanban locations set up on their production lines. Partners In Logistics maintains a minimum stock in these locations. This process can be completely managed by Partners In Logistics staff, which will check these locations and replenish them on a daily basis.

Benefits of e-Commerce: 

  • Convenience & Easiness.
  • Attract New Customers with Search Engine Visibility.
  • Decreasing cost of inventory management.
  • Monitor customer buying habits.

Decrease Costs:
One major benefit of e-Commerce business is that you can decrease the costs of running your business. Here are some samples showing the benefits:

Advertising & Marketing Cost:
e-Commerce, lowers the spend on advertising and marketing. Saying that, organic search engine traffic can be a worth while investment.

Lower the number of employees that you require to run your ecommerce business.

Eliminate Travel Cost:
With few mouse clicks, customers can make their purchase and have wonderful shopping experience.

Partners In Logistics help companies to focus on their core work by providing space and labour to complete non-core work off-site. There are many ways to approach outsourcing. Partners In Logistics has the space, labour resource, flexibility and expertise to take on the most appropriate for you.

Reverse Logistics: 

  • Contract labour sourced to cope with time critical and short duration projects.
  • RMA issuing and control of returns.
  • Last minute product change rework.
  • Successful track record in kitting and assembly.

Turnkey Solutions

Partners In Logistics provides turnkey solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers. We will consult with our customers, supply chain partners and all players in the supply chain to provide solutions that give competitive advantage.