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Partners In Logistics is an Irish based company providing outsourcing and manufacturing solutions for customers. Here is some information regarding lowering the total cost of production by manufacturing companies. Partners In Logistics manufactures products from all industries – Telecommunications, Medical Devices, Industrial and Consumer Electronics. We specialise in top level/box build assembly and welcome the opportunity to show you how we are able to maintain such high quality output.


It is true that production requirements can be provided in-house. Demand and production capacity can dictate additional resources being applied. An opportunity for a company to grow exists without incurring overheads if outsourcing is an alternative. We want to save our customers money and improve efficiency across the board. Our focus is to help customers focus on their core work. Partners In Logistics work environment allows products to be produced with greater efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Complete Turnkey Solutions

Partners In Logistics has a range of service offerings that collectively gives you a complete turnkey solution that will enable your company and your products to win your share of the lucrative European markets. We have the marketing expertise to assess the likelihood of your product succeeding in Europe, so you can avoid expensive mistakes.

Why Choose Us

  • One of the top benefits of outsourcing manufacturing is lower labour costs
  • Our ability to spot alternative, innovation solutions for clients’ existing processes
  • Direct access to a full range of traditional fulfillment services
  • We can respond to the most urgent logistics request
  • Use our facility to reclaim end-of-life products
  • All this in an environment where you only pay a 12.5% corporation tax on your profits.