We Assess The Benefits.

Our reputation is established by crafting customized logistics solutions for organizations in both the manufacturing and services sectors. By leveraging the latest inventory management technology, you can be confident that we maintain complete control over everything stored in, received by, and distributed from our warehouses 24/7.

We excel in planning and designing new projects for our clients, adding value in terms of both quality and cost. Partners In Logistics nurtures longstanding relationships with major freight forwarding companies to create transport solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

E-commerce & Third-Party Logistics

Our well-oiled supply chain can manage your requirements

  • Inbound Freight Delivery
  • Warehousing Requirements
  • Consolidation Services
  • Order Fulfilment

Selling online provides the advantage of not needing a physical store, but the actual products being sold still require a storage location. Partners In Logistics’ full-service 3PL addresses all the merchants’ requirements in a more cost-efficient manner.

Reasons Why E-commerce Businesses Choose 3PL

Flexibility and Scalability

Many e-commerce sites may need to start on a smaller scale, and the cost of establishing one’s own logistics hub can be prohibitive. Our Third Party Logistics service provides the flexibility to begin on a smaller scale and scale up as needed.

Efficiency and Specialisation

Collaborating with us enables participants to focus on their specialized roles. Our clients can concentrate on selling to their customers, assured that we are managing the necessary order fulfillment.

Value Added Logistics

Partners in Logistics continue to offer value-added logistics services to a broad spectrum of organizations in both the manufacturing and service sectors.

These activities include

  • Flexible warehouse and production space
  • Flexible direct labor
  • Repair and rework Product inspection and screening
  • De-trash and waste disposal
  • Assembly and Kitting

Inventory Management

Utilizing cutting-edge tools in inventory management, Partners In Logistics maintains complete control over all items stored, received, and distributed from its warehouses.

Our inventory management activities include

  • Receipt and storage of stock
  • Pallet and part control
  • Cycle counting weekly stock reports
  • Pick and deliver to requirements

Added Value

We add value by carrying out pre-production assembly, part kitting, part labelling, part rework, quality screening, product detrash, order assembly and dispatch.